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Our company was founded in 1999. Since its founding, we have been engaged in the purchase, processing (filtration, homogenization, packaging), sale, and export of high-quality Moldovan honey.
In 2003, our company was one of the first in the country to homogenize honey for export. For the processing of natural honey, we use modern equipment of European manufacturers. We can homogenize up to 12,600 kg in one lot of honey.
Our multi-tiered quality control system ensures that our consumers receive only the purest natural products, free of any adulteration or contamination. The production facility is equipped with a dedicated laboratory for the initial quality control of honey received from beekeepers. After a thorough check in our laboratory and in other laboratories for automatic control before packing, honey is homogenized and packaged.

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After that, the finished batch of honey is checked in an accredited state laboratory as well as in the laboratories of Quality Services International GmbH and Intertek Food Services CmbH in Germany or in another country at the request of the client.
Our products are exported to the European Union, USA, Canada, and the CIS.

Bienenhaus provides a variety of packaging options to meet customer demands, including 300 kg. metal barrels, polypropylene containers with a capacity of 42-45 kg. and glass jars in a variety of sizes.
BIENENHAUS is happy to work with customers to find packaging solutions to meet their demands.


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What makes

100 %

Natural honey

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3 tiered

Quality control


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Founding of Bienenhaus

In 1999, she began her journey Bienenhaus company. The company was founded by 2 friends - Sergey Byzdyga (Moldova) and Valerius Strack (Germany). AT the same code our company carried out the first export shipments Moldovan honey in Germany.

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New modern equipment.

Our company is one of the first in Moldova purchased a new modern european equipment for homogenization exported honey recyclable at the same time up to 12,600 kg products.

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Packaged Products

In 2005, we started produce honey under own brand Albilux. Together with this we concluded Private contracts label and began to produce honey under the trademark buyers. From this year honey packed by us entered the Moldovan market, and also exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, USA and Canada.

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Entering the Russian market.

In 2008, we concluded contract for the supply of our the largest Russian honey processors. In the same year we have implemented and first shipments to Russian market.

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Commissioning of a new production.

In 2016, we finished construction and passed in modern operation production of natural processing honey appropriate high requirements European standards quality.

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Creation of a new brand of honey - YANTATIO

The production potential, experience and competence of our company allowed us to create and bring to the market the YANTARIO brand - a new trademark of honey in the Premium Selected category, addressed to the most discerning fans of this natural and healthy product.

Our Team

Administrator and founder


Sergey has been managing the company since 1999, when he founded Bienenhaus with his friend Valerius Strack.

Production manager


Vladimir has been with us since 2003. A model of discipline, professionalism, and responsibility for the whole team.

The head of the laboratory


Julia performs initial product analyses, controls the quality and safety of production at all stages, and also collaborates with external laboratories.

The main technologist


Andrey has been on our team since 2005. He is responsible for the production process and ensuring the sanitary condition of production facilities and equipment.